Most popular candidates

This page displays the most popular candidates of Belgium or within a constituency. The ranking is based on the highest number of preference votes received by the candidate.

Flemish Parliament

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CandidatesPartyVotes%Count completedEntity
1DE WEVER BartN-VA242.38621,34 %YesConstituency of Antwerp
2CREVITS HildeCD&V130.91216,38 %YesConstituency of West-Flanders
3DEWINTER FilipVLAAMS BELANG93.7518,25 %YesConstituency of Antwerp
4WEYTS BenN-VA64.6409,20 %YesConstituency of Flemish Brabant
5D'HAESELEER GuyVLAAMS BELANG56.8075,76 %YesConstituency of East-Flanders
6SOMERS BartOpen Vld52.8854,66 %YesConstituency of Antwerp
7ALMACI MeyremGROEN50.8484,48 %YesConstituency of Antwerp
8RUTTEN GwendolynOpen Vld44.8666,39 %YesConstituency of Flemish Brabant
9SCHAUVLIEGE JokeCD&V43.4284,40 %YesConstituency of East-Flanders
10VANDEPUT StevenN-VA41.4267,57 %YesConstituency of Limburg
11HOMANS LiesbethN-VA40.4803,56 %YesConstituency of Antwerp
12DIEPENDAELE MatthiasN-VA38.4753,90 %YesConstituency of East-Flanders
13VAN CAUTER CarinaOpen Vld36.8833,74 %YesConstituency of East-Flanders
14VAN DEN HEUVEL KoenCD&V36.8253,24 %YesConstituency of Antwerp
15CEYSSENS LodeCD&V35.6586,51 %YesConstituency of Limburg
16TOMMELEIN BartOpen Vld35.2654,41 %YesConstituency of West-Flanders
17JANSSENS ChrisVLAAMS BELANG29.7255,43 %YesConstituency of Limburg
18MAERTENS BertN-VA28.2503,53 %YesConstituency of West-Flanders
19SINTOBIN StefaanVLAAMS BELANG28.2173,53 %YesConstituency of West-Flanders
20DE RIDDER AnnickN-VA27.6292,43 %YesConstituency of Antwerp
21SMINATE NadiaN-VA26.2633,74 %YesConstituency of Flemish Brabant
22VAN ROMPUY PeterCD&V24.9743,56 %YesConstituency of Flemish Brabant
23VANDEURZEN JoCD&V24.7174,51 %YesConstituency of Limburg
24GENNEZ Carolinesp.a24.6302,17 %YesConstituency of Antwerp
25DOCHY BartCD&V24.6053,08 %YesConstituency of West-Flanders
26ROMBOUTS TinneCD&V24.5122,16 %YesConstituency of Antwerp
27SMEYERS SarahN-VA24.4542,48 %YesConstituency of East-Flanders
28PEETERS LydiaOpen Vld23.7284,33 %YesConstituency of Limburg
29PEUMANS JanN-VA23.0694,21 %YesConstituency of Limburg
30LAMBRECHT Annicksp.a22.2912,79 %YesConstituency of West-Flanders
31VAN DERMEERSCH AnkeVLAAMS BELANG21.9661,93 %YesConstituency of Antwerp
32PARYS LorinN-VA21.9293,12 %YesConstituency of Flemish Brabant
33ROBEYNS Elssp.a21.3943,91 %YesConstituency of Limburg
34VAN DIJCK KrisN-VA21.3691,88 %YesConstituency of Antwerp
35DE GUCHT Jean-JacquesOpen Vld20.4602,07 %YesConstituency of East-Flanders
36SLEURS ElkeN-VA19.5011,98 %YesConstituency of East-Flanders
37FOURNIER MartineCD&V19.4172,43 %YesConstituency of West-Flanders
38D'HAESE JosPVDA19.3121,70 %YesConstituency of Antwerp
39TOBBACK Brunosp.a19.2842,75 %YesConstituency of Flemish Brabant
40DANIËLS KoenN-VA19.2561,95 %YesConstituency of East-Flanders
41MOERENHOUT AnGROEN18.8062,68 %YesConstituency of Flemish Brabant
42MUYTERS PhilippeN-VA18.8001,66 %YesConstituency of Antwerp
43SLOOTMANS KlaasVLAAMS BELANG18.5672,64 %YesConstituency of Flemish Brabant
44VANDERJEUGD FrancescoOpen Vld18.4602,31 %YesConstituency of West-Flanders
45DE CROO HermanOpen Vld18.4061,87 %YesConstituency of East-Flanders
46ROUSSEAU Connersp.a17.4381,77 %YesConstituency of East-Flanders
47GROSEMANS KarolienN-VA17.2643,15 %YesConstituency of Limburg
48VAN DEN BOSSCHE Freyasp.a16.4971,67 %YesConstituency of East-Flanders
49RZOSKA BjörnGROEN16.0561,63 %YesConstituency of East-Flanders
50JANS VeraCD&V15.8662,90 %YesConstituency of Limburg