Preference votes

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Parliament of The Brussels-Capital Region

Counting status : full - Renewed at
1TOURNAY Nicola1.22414,67%---
2WELLES Nathalie5716,84%---
3GILSON Thierry4285,13%---
4WEIMERSKIRCH Guy2232,67%---
5VANARD Cédric2382,85%---
6DE KUYSSCHE Alain2002,40%---
7LEFEBVRE Thierry3484,17%---
8CROMBET Maëlle2232,67%---
9FLABAT Thierry1621,94%---
10TOGBETSE Chimène1511,81%---
11HELLINCKX Anthony1872,24%---
12GOSSIAUX Christine2312,77%---
13CHEVALIER François2192,63%---
14DANHIER Jason1321,58%---
15DUSART Eric1661,99%---
16EGGERICKX Francine1672%---
17VAN HÉE Michel1581,89%---
18PAWLOWSKA Karolina2883,45%---
19WAUTERS Nicole2002,40%---
20UMILE Giampiero1361,63%---
21EXPEELS Nathalie1732,07%---
22WISLET Josse1111,33%---
23GOËS Patricia1311,57%---
24T'SAS Christiane1141,37%---
25VANDER EYDEN Viviane1351,62%---
26DEMUNTER Claude1211,45%---
27FLAMION Marie1391,67%---
28VAN DRIESSCHE Nicole1401,68%---
29VRANCKX Didier1101,32%---
30BAUDELET Marie1351,62%---
31DELGOFFE Anne-Marie1381,65%---
32VREBOS Chantal1321,58%---
33AKNAF Farida1621,94%---
34CAPIAUX Pierre1131,35%---
35MONDELÉ Arlette1181,41%---
36VAN STAEN Martine1441,73%---
37ALHADEFF David1061,27%---
38de LOOZ CORSWAREM Maria1551,86%---
39MODRIKAMEN Nathan3133,75%---
IThe number of ballots allotted to the candidates by devolution to the amount of what is necessary to reach the eligibility threshold.
IITotal amount of votes obtained by the candidates after devolution.
IIIAmount of ballots remaining for distribution by devolution.
IVNomination and classification of elected officials.
%The proportion of preference votes received by the candidate compared to the total number of preference votes received by all candidates of their affiliated party.
Additional information
ANumber of seats the lists has won0
BTotal number of header votes for the list3.184
CTotal number of ballots with only candidate votes3.421
FStemcijfer van de lijst (B + C + D + E)6.605
GVerkiesbaarheidscijfer (F : (A + 1))
H(Halve) pot titularissen (B + E) / 21.592