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District of Ixelles

Counting status : full - Renewed at
6 MR
1REYNDERS Didier4.274
2WILMÈS Sophie2.206
3DE MAEGD Michel1.290
4de CLIPPELE Olivier1.260
6CALOMNE Gautier956
7PANS Amélie426
8VAN GORP Jeremy474
9LOMPONDA Elozi238
10LENAERS Patrick190
11D'HAESE-LEAL Raquel266
12GUNES Yesim145
13COPPENS Olivier354
14BOUDIBA Khadija260
15THIÉRY Damien604
1PIVIN Philippe274
2GILSON Nathalie729
3GODFRIN Aline211
4OBEID Stéphane134
5VAN HECKE Geoffrey182
6QUEVRIN Anne242
7BANU Gabriela191
8MOKTO Annie136
9BROTCHI Jacques694